Dress for your Body Type

When you think about body types, try focusing on shape, instead of height or weight. In general, our body shape is paired in four categories: pear, apple, hourglass and rectangle. Of course, you might find yourself in two or more categories, not just one. But once you’ve determined your body shape, consider what fashion style you should follow and what to avoid. To help you learn how to dress for your body type, we have a few guidelines, as well as some clothing ideas from Veronica M. This brand is known for its feminine clothes that feature the most flattering cuts.

Pear body shape

The lower body is wider than the upper body. When considering this body type, your best assets are the shoulders and torso.

If you have this type of body, it means that the hips and posterior are wider than the upper body. Most women have this form. Wear lighter clothes at the bust, such as sheer sleeveless blouses. Attract attention with bold prints or add one pop of color in areas that you consider to be most flattering. Dresses and skirts should be up to the knees. Find dresses that offer you volume at the top and slightly hide your hips.

We recommend this A-shaped polka dot dress from Veronica M, which will look great on you, since it has a plunging neckline that will highlight your bust and the hanging sleeves that add volume to your upper area, thus balancing your hip volume. Avoid dresses in thick fabrics or those tight dresses that will only add more volume to the lower part. To further emphasize the bust, you can wear a bolero over a dress.

Apple body shape

If you have an apple shaped body, you tend to gain weight in the waist area, making it not so well defined. At the same time, you have beautiful legs and bust. So try to highlight those features.

If you want to know how to dress for your body shape, your best choices are maxi dresses with a V necklines to draw attention from the waist. As a recommendation, in the above picture you have a gorgeous boho dress from Veronica M. This dress is perfect for the apple body type as the V neckline highlights the bust and the maxi length will make your body appear longer. Wear it with platform sandals to elongate your figure even more.

Stay away from strapless dresses and straight cut dresses. To draw attention from the waist avoid low jeans or crop tops or an outfit with a different pattern in the belly area. Darker colored tops with small designs make your upper body part look slimmer. Also, wear monochromatic clothes, rather than many colors.

Hourglass body shape

Women with this type of figure may be taller or mignon. The waist is thin, the hips are somewhat wider, but the body as a whole, is well proportioned. The items of clothing must be chosen so as to compliment the body. Try not to put too much emphasis on the shoulders or the hips, because you’ll ruin the image of hourglass and take away the femininity of your body shape. When you add volume, you must do it in proportion. Also, highlights the waistline.

This flower print dress from Veronica M is the ideal for this body type. It features a cord which highlights the waist and it has an overall flowing, feminine cut. Whether you choose to highlight the waist by wearing a wide belt or a colored scarf tied around the waist, don’t be afraid to enhance this feature. If possible, avoid wearing tight clothes.

Rectangle body shape

So, are you wondering how to dress for your body type? It’s easy. If you have a straight or rectangle body type many clothes will suit you. Just keep in mind, that as a rectangle you will want to create more curves on the bottom or the top. Avoid shapeless clothes, such as straight dresses. We recommend this drop waist dress from Veronica M. It will create the illusion of curves and it will make your body seem slender.

Try to emphasizes both shoulders and hips. Therefore your waistline will seem narrower. Also, use any accessories that can mark the waist, such as belts or corsets.