2015 Denim Trends

Denim is a type of strong textile and it has been used for the first time to make clothes for workers because of its durability. Then,in 1930s, it became popular because of the jeans that cowboys from movies used to wear. Nowadays,everyone has in their wardrobe,at least one pair of jeans. Denim is mainly limited to trousers/jeans. Here are 8 types of 2015 denim trousers trend:

1.Slim gray cigarette

If you are a super skinny jeans lover, then you must have these cigarette style jeans. They are a bit more casual than a black pair of pants but very trendy indeed.


If you want to give off the casual-cool vibes, then slashed denim is the perfect choice for you.

3.White denim

White denim is back in business after a long break when other types of jeans were in trend. But now,you can just wear them all year round, with or without holes, in a flared silhouette, with high heels or sport shoes. You have so many options, just go with the flow.


This type of jeans has a wide range of offerings at the moment on the market. Just choose your favorite ones and wear them with trainers and a t-shirt. This is a very comfy type of denim and can be worn when you go for a walk in the park, if you go on a trip or if you just have a picnic. Don’t forget to unhook one shoulder strap if you want to make a statement.


This type of denim takes us back in time, in the ’70s. You must wear it only with high heels for an amazing look.

6.Boyfriend style

This year , the boyfriend style is getting a feminine reboot. The updated version looks more formfitting and looks sleek enough to be worn with a pair of strappy high heels.


You have many options if you choose this style. You can wear this type of jeans during the day or for a night out as well if you combine it with the right pair of shoes. It is indeed part of the 2015 denim trends that will make you look fabulous.

8.Illustrated denim

This style is more appropriate for teenagers but in the end anyone is allowed to wear it. Rihanna has tried this style and it suits her perfectly. Why not reinvent yourself and try something different from time to time. This outfit will not go unnoticed. Just go for it!