2015 Fashion Trends

As the weather changes, the 2015 fashion trends are more challenging and the rich colors set the mood for the coming days and the chilly nights. Be fashionable with these modern and classic styles. When choosing your style, do not forget about convenience and comfort. Among the dozens of trends available in spring 2015, we chose five styles that you can easily adopt.

The total denim look

One look that has been announced as the strongest trend for the spring-summer season of 2015 is the total denim look. If you ever wanted to combine your denim shirt with your favorite pair of jeans now is the time to do it.When wearing denim on denim, avoid combining 2 pieces of clothing with the same shade of color. Instead, create a slimming effect with a combination of a lighter color (to draw attention to your flattering body part) and a darker shade (to add that slimming effect). You can wear denim even at work, just accessorize your denim piece with a sophisticated high heel. As for a more casual look, mix denim shorts with an over sized denim shirt and a pair of boots or Converse.

Unlike a pair of jeans or a denim shirt, a denim dress may seem hard to pull off. In reality, a denim dress, just like any other piece of this fabulous material that has dominated our wardrobe for decades, can be accessorized in a way to suit any style.

The romantic trend

Regarding the 2015 fashion trends, the romantic style is about emphasizing femininity, the most important feature of a woman. It is a way to highlight your style and personality.

Adopting this romantic style is not so easy and requires a bit of attention in choosing the clothes.

If you choose to wear dresses, choose a dress that accentuates the waist. In the case of blouses, choose one with ruffles that you can combine with a pencil skirt. You should also pay attention to the materials and colors you choose. For materials, this is what designers opted for this year: chiffon, tulle, satin, lace and silk. The colors required for a romantic outfit are pastels and lighter shades of pink, beige and yellow.

The military trend

Army style is a major trend this year. Whether your style is purely feminine or you like to wear clothes with manly influences, camouflage clothes may be what you’re looking for. Learn how to wear military style by following a few simple style rules that will help take this casual and masculine print and convert it into a nice addition to your wardrobe.

From head to toe, camouflage is an outfit for soldiers. A piece of clothing with camouflage print is sufficient for a casual outfit: a pair of pants, a jacket or a dress. If you like the classic army style, defined by green and brown, choose a small piece, or even a camouflage accessory.

To avoid looking too masculine just show a little skin. For a cool look, you can combine the camouflage shades with neutral tones or with black and white only. You should always add a little pop of color, at least in accessories, a cute necklace, a colored bag or shoes.

The sporty style

Urban culture has always been a powerful source of inspiration among young designers. However, even if you’re not a sporty type, comfortable and youthful clothes will revitalize you and will mix well with most clothing pieces..

The sporty style is not limited, as many of us believe, to hoodies and sneakers. No way. Sport style is designed to showcase and highlight our sporty and athletic side and to make us feel good. We can have a very casual yet sophisticated sports attire. So, how to choose the sporty outfit in such a manner as not to be dull but rather to stand out? Well, you should first choose a playful color, such as green or red. As for the pants you can choose different colors and pastel shades or neon, and shirts must be very funky, and have a wide range to choose from. Also, sport shoes should be as modern, with various prints, nonconformist details, intense colors and a classic design.

Seventies trend

The 70s fashion stormed the catwalks this season, taking us back to a time of struggle for freedom and disco glam outfits.

Every trend needs an adjustment period, and one of the most important 2015 fashion trends is under the sign of 70s style. Moreover, this style is embraced by male fashion, which is more stable and more resistant to change than the female fashion.

When we talk about the ’70s, most of us think of the hippy era, flared pants and floral dresses. But in 2015, the designers propose a more subtle approach of the 70s decade, in all its forms – be it disco, glam or hippy.

As the biggest trend of the season, we expect to see the 70s influences even in the most classic pieces. Suede is present this season in everything from accessories, pants, skirts and even dresses and biker jackets. Speaking of jackets, the jackets for next season are fitted and adorned with retro or military details, short or long.