2015 Mens Fashion Trends

The 2015 mens fashion trend is diverse and original. Therefore, men find it very difficult to choose clothes in one style. As a rule, you will often have to experiment with different trends in fashion and create new outfits that will complement your best features. Certainly, there are some basic trends that will help you stay stylish and fashionable. Take a look at the new mens style trends for 2015.

Wide leg trousers

If you’re tired of skinny jeans for men, you’ll love the next trend. Wide leg trousers are inspired from the 70s fashion, so don’t be afraid to add a vintage touch to your look. This vintage trend compliments other trends, such as the trend of bold colors and patterns. Wide leg trousers are omnipresent on designer runaway shows, such as Oliver Spencer, Agi and Sam, Topman Design and JW Anderson.

How to style

There’s always a risk of looking too casual with baggier styles. The key to pulling of this look is to opt for a more relaxed fit. Pair them with casual shoes, sneakers or short boots. In winter combine wide leg trousers with patterned shirts, knitted cardigans or fitted blazers.

Bold colors

If you find blue too boring and pink too dazzling, you can mix these colors or choose your favorite shades of colors. This trend makes it possible to build a fresh look that reflects individuality combined with freshness.

When it comes to the biggest 2015 mens fashion trends, color is an important aspect. This year, outfit choices in bold and bright colors are becoming more popular. In Milan, the designers presented contrasting color combinations, which worked well together. Dsquared2, Boglioli and Etro used bold colors on podium.

How to style

A good combination is olive green and orange or lavender with purple.

To give you a more sharp look, add a colored or patterned tie to a suit. If you work in a conservative office and you’re required to wear a black or navy suit everyday, opt for pastel colored socks. As a rule, you shouldn’t match your socks to anything.


In London, white dominated most mens fashion clothing collections, making it a must for next spring. From white shoes, suits and coats, an immaculate appearance is certainly fashionable as seen in fashion runaways, such as Versace, Alexander McQueen and Gucci. It is not be easy to wear, but it’s certainly fashionable!

In 2014 we saw many designers who chose all white outfits with a minimalist look, which made a refreshing change to bold patterns and colors.

How to style

White can be matched with anything. You can start with small steps, by adding a versatile white pair of white jeans to your wardrobe. Combine with a colored t-shirt or a beige belt.

All white outfits are certainly an ambitious choice and does not work for everyone (especially if you have a pale complexion).


Stripes have been a popular choice in the new mens style trends for 2015 and were featured in Gucci, Armani and Jonathan Saunders collections. This pattern has been applied to a number of different
mens fashion clothing pieces, such as trousers and shirts and even accessories. If you wear it right, a stripe pattern can spice up your wardrobe.

How to Style

First, keep in mind that horizontal stripes make you look wider, while vertical stripes give the illusion of height. So, if you’re short avoid horizontal stripes. But, if you still plan on wearing horizontal stripes, opt for a sweater with a solid background with two or three white stripes.

The easiest way to combine stripes, is to wear a full suit with thin long stripes. The classic striped blazer is a useful addition to your closet. Dress it up with a colored or plain white t shirt and jeans.