A Woman’s Guide to Playing Golf

Golf isn’t just a sport for men, but a sport for those who love spending time outdoors, and exercise while making new friends. Therefore, both men and women have plenty of reasons to start golfing. Although for beginners it might seem complicated, playing golf can offer you many benefits and satisfactions. So, here is a woman’s guide to becoming a professional golf player.

Learning golf

In order to develop better skills, we advise you to start by hitting one of your short irons, and warming up with half-swings. Next, consider increasing your swings’ speed and length, and continue with your middle irons. Move one to the driver and, after hitting some balls with it, you can go back to using your short irons or wedges. Following these steps will help you maintain a proper tension and tempo level.

Investing in a proper equipment

The right equipment can help you perfect your game and become a better player sooner than you expected. However, if you are a beginner, you don’t need to carry as many as 14 clubs around, even if you are allowed to. You can use the money that you would have paid for buying that many clubs to buy a golf rangefinder. If you read the 2015 best golf rangefinder ratings, you will see that the best golf rangefinder will calculate the distance to any target, and it will help you make a better club selection, increasing your chances of success. Moreover, despite their techy appearances, rangefinders are not that expensive and they can really make a difference in your game. Do some research on the 2015 best golf rangefinder ratings and find a model suitable for your needs and your budget. Bushnell even has a pink rangefinder, specifically designed for female golfers. Therefore, we advise you to begin with a putter, a driver, a sand wedge, an 8-iron, a 6-iron, a pitching wedge, and a fairway wood that features a 18-21 loft degrees. Keep in mind that the more loft your woods have, the easier will be for you to get the ball up into the air, and achieve straight shots. So, we advise you to opt for drivers that start at 10 degrees, and woods with at least 17 degrees of loft.

Deciding what to wear

As long as you won’t wear jeans on the golf course, you can wear anything you like, including skirts, tights, pants, polo t-shirts, jackets, shorts and shirts. Giving that you will spend more than 4 hours outdoors, it is important to choose a golf apparel that will help you feel comfortable, but also look stylish. Therefore, we advise you to opt for clothing made from technical fabrics that will protect you from moisture, allowing you to stay dry the entire game. To start, you should consider sneakers instead of golf shoes, because you will be able to use them on and off the course, so they can be seen as a better investment than golf footwear. Keep in mind not to choose running sneakers because they have too much cushion, which can prevent you from staying as level to the ground as you need to take the best swing.