Best Wedding Hairstyles

Regarding the best wedding hairstyles for 2015 and not only, keep in mind the following aspects: your facial features, the wedding dress, the wedding theme and the type of hair you have. Do not forget to use hair accessories for brides, such as headbands, tiaras, hairpins, clips, veils, flowers, etc.

When it comes to the big day, each bride takes into consideration each detail and aspect of the wedding. Everything should be perfect: the hair, make-up and the wedding dress.
The hairstyle is an expression of elegance and femininity, one of the central elements of your wedding attire. For the wedding day choose a hairstyle that highlights your features and the wedding dress.

Bohemian hairstyles

Since this year most collections of wedding dresses focus on simple lines, materials without ornaments or accessories, many of you will consider choosing a classic hairstyle. If you’re a romantic type, you can choose a wedding hairstyle with curls and braids to give you a bohemian air.

Classic hairstyles vs. modern hairstyles

If you’re trying to learn about the best wedding hairstyles and you are a person who wants to adopt a more classical style, then opt for a classic bun. A simple bun can turn into a special wedding hairstyle if you accessorize it with a white ribbon or tiara. However, if you’re open to everything new, you like nonconformity and want to have a more sophisticated wedding hairstyle, we recommend asymmetric buns. These buns will attract attention to yourself if you use colored and extravagant accessories.

For those of us that are more conservative, hair bands, decorated with pearl beads or diamonds are a perfect option. This style is especially popular among brides who want a themed wedding party with fashion inspiration from the 20s and 30s.

Romantic hair accesories

Flowers are some of the most popular accessories for brides. This year’s trend is all about pastel shades or vivid shades of pink, fuchsia or orange tones. With this type of accessory, the bride gets a youthful vibe and exudes freshness and femininity, a nonconformist character and a feeling of pure happiness.

Classy braids

Hair braiding is a great way to add a touch of elegance and style to your hairstyle, especially if you have long hair. For example, a braided hair bun can be very romantic, and you can add flowers, pearl beads or other accessories that will match your dress. French braids are in trend for weddings – they can be romantic, casual or sophisticated, depending on the level of creativity of the bride.

20’s Hairstyles

The golden age of Hollywood returns into trend in 2015. The dreamy tight curls, similar to those worn by Rita Hayworth and Grace Kelly, are the most popular hairstyles at the moment. The retro look inspiration is suitable for brides who focus on classic dresses in simple lines and makeup with red lipstick and long charming eyelashes.

Short hairstyles

Regarding the best wedding hairstyles for women with short hair, there are a few tips that will help you achieve a nice look. One option is to comb your hair back, then use foam to give it more volume, and clip it into place. If you do not want to have smooth hair, you can use a curling iron. Soft curls are an easy way to look gorgeous. Use hair clips and jewelry to ensure the stability and duration of the hairstyle.