Closet Organizing Tips

Are you in a hurry and can’t find your favorite pair of pants or shirt? The secret to get rid of this problem simply consists in the organization of the closet. Easy to say but difficult to put in practice? We’ll prove you wrong with these closet organizing tips.

1.Use hangers

Even if you have a big closet, no matter how many clothes fit in it, it will be difficult to find that one piece through a big pile of clothing. Depending on the season, organize them by type: dresses, coats, jackets, shirts, etc. Another organization method is to hang clothes by the type of destination or event: formal or casual. You can choose any method but be sure to put ones you wear more often within your reach.

2. Fold clothes

If you’re trying to learn about closet organizing tips, a great way to store your clothes is to fold them. Fold clothes in small piles without doing too much clutter. For blouses, shirts and sweaters it is best to use shelves with a width of 30 cm. As for the knitted sweaters and towels, opt for shelves with a width of 50-100 cm and a height of 30-40 cm. Thick sweaters or skirts will not hang so well, so fold them appropriately.

3. Sort shoes in boxes

One important thing to keep in mind is that you should store shoes depending on the season. Put unwanted shoes in a bag and place it on the balcony, to save space for seasonal shoes. Place high heels on narrow shelves and on wider shelves organize shoes by color or pattern.

Certainly, shoes will take a great deal of space. So it is advisable to put shoes in boxes or in baskets.

You can use transparent plastic boxes in which to put sandals, sneakers or high heels for those who wear them often and you can even place a label on each box.

4. Separate lingerie by other types of clothing

When it comes to closet organizing tips, a great tip for organizing lingerie and other accessories is to store them separately. Sort underwear, socks and scarves in different boxes or drawers. In this case, baskets or plastic boxes are extremely practical. You can buy more baskets in which to arrange by categories: scarves, hats, gloves. Also, separate the different types of lingerie so that they will be easier to find – panties, bras etc.

5. Discard used clothes

Go shopping in your own closet. Dress with each piece of clothing and think if you would buy it again. Rate it: does it still suit you? Do you like the color/tailoring?

Sort your clothes, and put in a box everything that doesn’t fit or has stains or holes in it. They do not belong in your closet. No matter how hard you’ll find it to give up some of your favorite clothes, you just have to do so. It is for the best and new clothes should have priority on the shelves. Also remove from the wardrobe other objects that don’t belong there, such as boxes of cosmetics, perfumes, soaps, photos etc.