Earrings for Round Face Shapes

The earrings are an accessory appreciated by many women. Women have been wearing for thousands of years because they are particularly flattering to the face. They can brighten a complexion, give depth to the color of the eyes, and even balance the face shape… However, this type of jewelry should match the shape of your face. So what earrings to choose? If you are trying to learn about earrings for round face shapes, there are some things to take into consideration.

Categories of earrings for a round face

The earrings are available in different forms, so each of you will find the suitable pair. There are two types of earrings for round face shapes

  • Small earrings which illuminate the face while being discreet.
  • Pending earrings which are can have different shapes.

Study your morphology

Before you decide on a particular earring style, you should study your face and identify what your face shape is. Than, choose those earrings that will enhance your best features. Consider your haircut and hair color, your skin tone, your body shape and the clothes you wear. The earrings can refine and feminize the face. To do this, you should avoid wearing earrings with an identical form to that of the face.

Look for a specific model

When looking for a pair of earrings for round face shapes it is advisable to look for a specific model. If you have a round face, your main goal is to create a lengthening effect, which makes your face look slimmer. How do you do that? With thin earrings, long, elegant, hanging on both sides of the face. Equally suitable are the rectangular earrings, the square earrings and generally those with the right angles and sharpness, which creates a visual balance. The round shapes are the ones you should mainly avoid. Opt for a long and rather narrow form that will slim the face. Round faces can afford the curved shapes, oblong, triangular, but always choose long earrings to lengthen the face.

The choice of form and color

Concerning earrings for round face shapes, the choice of form and color of the earrings depends on the type of event that you attend. If you go to the beach or a romantic date, opt for long earrings of different colors and shapes. For a special occasion such as a wedding, choose rather thin earrings. Keep in mind that this type of earrings creates an optical illusion of a longer neck.

If you have a short neck, then opt for earrings with a locking system directly on the earlobe. Avoid round or very voluminous earrings that will do anything but to emphasize the roundness of your face.