Hollywood Inspired Halloween Costumes

If you are tired of the witch and skeleton Halloween costume and you want a more popular one, or you are a fan of a celebrity and you would love to walk in their shoes for one day, then a Hollywood inspired Halloween costume is what you are looking for. Check out some of the most famous costumes that impersonate Hollywood celebrities and choose your favorite character.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

This famous couple has become a favorite among the Halloween costumes the past few years, due to the increasing celebrity of these two Hollywood characters. It’s not difficult to become them, all you need is a black wig and a big booty wrapped in a dress too small to fit you as Kim and some homeless guy clothes to impersonate Kanye.

Alan Garner costume

Alan Garner from the Movie “Hangover” has become a popular costume option for dads with small children. You can either purchase the costume or create your own costume with a fake wig, a fake beard, a gray T-shirt and a baby carrier. The costume also works if you don’t have a child as you can replace the baby with a doll.

Miley Cirus costume

The new image of Miley Cyrus is a great Halloween costume option and it is quite easy to pull out a Miley look with a small bathing suit with a dilapidated teddy bear on it and two side horns made out of your hair.

Long live the kings

The king of rock’n’roll, Elvis Presley, will never die as long as many people love to dress up as him on Halloween, turning this costume into one of the most popular Halloween options. The same goes for the king of pop, Michael Jackson, who has many fans who love to dress up as him, especially on Halloween.

Hunger Games costume

The heroine of the Hunger Games series, Katniss, is a great idea of a Halloween costume for ladies who want to show their strong side. With a hooded cape, a long braided tail and a bow with arrows you will manage to create a great Hollywood inspired Halloween costume.

Marvel superheroes

What better Hollywood inspired Halloween costume that one of the superheroes from the most successful blockbusters? From the classic Superman to the more updated Iron Man or one of the Avengers, there are plenty of superhero costumes for both men and women.

Sheldon Doppler Costume

For geeks who want to show off their smart size, this Big Bang Theory costume of Sheldon Doppler is the perfect way to impress the ladies.

These are but a few Hollywood inspired costume ideas. Visit greathalloweencostume.com for more original ideas.