How to Turn Old Clothes into New Outfits

Classic clothes are timeless and suitable for all women, regardless of age; just think of black jackets, white shirts, tailored pants, high boots, pencil skirts or denim jackets. But if you are bored of a blouse, dress, T-shirt or sweater, you must know that there are fashionable tricks you can use to reinvent your wardrobe. So, are you interested in knowing how to turn old clothes into new outfits? It’s easy; just follow these 6 steps.

Change buttons

The fastest way to make an old blouse or jacket look new is to change its buttons. You can opt for different shapes and styles of buttons. If you want to add a playful vibe to your outfit choose colored buttons.

Change their size

It can be a simple and interesting method to revitalize your clothes. If you have a blouse with long sleeves, simply cut them. You can use the same method to turn your long trousers into fashionable shorts. You can even change the entire shape of the shirt to suit your own taste. In addition, you can add different pieces of material on your shirt, like lace on the sleeves and the neckline. Accessorize by adding some flowers or rhinestones. Moreover, if you have stretched out clothes, you can repair the fabric with one of the best clothing steamers 2015 units. These device are mainly used for removing wrinkles, but they can also shrink stretched fabrics back to their initial shape. The best clothing steamers 2015 units are a lot cheaper than one might expect and a lot more convenient to use than irons.

Personalize your shirts

One of the most innovative and fun ways to turn old clothes into new outfits is to change their colors and patterns. The shirts are very easy to change. You can add embellishments like beads, glitter, or whatever you want. You can also change the color of the shirt by bleaching it or by using textile paint.

Accessorize the outfit

Here’s the secret: a classic piece of clothing can be the main element of an outfit. It’s not just the clothes that make the difference, but how you wear or accessorize them.

Combine classic clothes with bold modern shoes or interesting accessories, such as a wide belt. You can even reinvent a classic dress by changing your hairstyle or your sunglasses. After all, your hair and your sunglasses are your most important accessories!

Pair old clothes with new ones

If you’re trying to learn how to turn old clothes into new outfits, an easy way to do so is to combine old with new. Mixing old clothes with new clothes is a good way to keep your outfit looking fresh and have your own eclectic style. For example, wear your favorite white shirt with high heels in a leopard print. Wear the shoes or sandals that you have bought for a special occasion with skinny jeans and a trendy belt. You don’t have to dress yourself head to toe in old clothes.

The new little black dress

The little black dress is a classic clothing item. Last year, the black dress was worn in a casual manner, with opaque tights and flats.

This season, the black dress is reinvented. Accessorize it with a detachable collar, high shoes and a small purse to appear more sophisticated.