Hairstyles for Women over 40

After a certain age, usually the early forties, a woman overcomes many psychological and physiological changes. As such, it is essential for her to change her style and her beauty routine. The most essential change a woman must make in her early forties is the hairstyle. There are many medium length hairstyles for women over 40. Obviously, mature women are now beginning to adopt fashionable but yet sophisticated hairstyles that define facial features such as the cheekbones in a flattering way. If you choose to showcase your youthful look, it’s best to choose a hairstyle that does not make you look like the mature woman in search of her past youth: shoulder-length hair will therefore be an ideal option, for any type of face.

Chose hairstyles which soften your features

At 40, the little imperfections that show the signs of age begin to appear. For women aged 40 to 50 years, the right hairstyle is one that softens facial features. To give a fresh and soft look, the medium length cut is essential, without adopting the asymmetrical cut that is a bit too eccentric. In addition, avoid wearing long hair, a mid-length cut will be perfect to soften the lines. As dieing their hair is inevitable for women in their 40s, since this is the time when the first white hair is making its appearance, it is advisable to choose easy to maintain hair color tones, including brown.

The sleek bob has been a popular choice in medium length hairstyles for women over 40 looking for a simple cut that is professional and easy to maintain. An elegant traditional bob is one in which the hair is straight, full and tapered at the neck. You can try an inverted bob in which the hair is much shorter at the back than at the front with side swept bangs for an updated style of the basic bob.

Use bangs in order to add depth to your hairstyle

Short and medium (hair cuts) haircuts with layers can add fullness to fine hair. Adding a fringe to a layered cut provides additional depth to the hairstyle. Layered hair can use all types of bangs including blunt bangs, side swept bangs or parted bangs. One drawback to a layered hairstyle is that you must wait for the different lengths to grow if you want a smoother hairstyle later.

Short blunt bangs go well with wavy medium haircuts. The fringes of these hairstyles are usually thick and smooth and can be worn long or short. The fringe should not be too dramatic, the wavy hair should be the highlight of this style. This look is usually soft and feminine. Wavy hairstyles are romantic and welcoming.

Don’t be afraid of curls

Curly hair, medium in length, is fun and exciting. A curly fringe adds even a more playful spirit to this type of haircut. In order to create the curls, you can get a perm or you can use hot curlers or a curling iron. Set the bangs to the side for a more elegant look.

Choose the bun when in need of an elegant hairstyle

The bun can evoke some girly clich├ęs, but can be incredibly sexy at any age! Just find the flattering volume and above all, try to give the impression that it was done in a hurry and can be undone just as easily.

Hair color considerations

When Considering medium length hairstyles for women over 40, color is an important aspect. It is a known fact that blonde hair draws light. We must be extremely careful with a very light shade of blonde or platinum, especially after 40. On a light brown hair color base, a pretty blond surface with caramel strands can brighten and refresh. As for darker shades, think of the famous “little black dress”. A dark frame will highlight your face. Brown – not black, careful – as long as it is brilliant, will bring a healthy glow, a real touch to a sensual and warm tone.

Red comeback!

The red hair is more sensual and more modern. It instantly gives a youthful look and balances traits. It can be a great choice, as long as we choose more natural shades, like a dark red for dark eyes and olive skin or a copper tone for a lighter skin tone. With mature skin, you want to stay away from tight curls or shades of colors that are darker than your natural color pigment because these styles can really bring out the wrinkles and the facial lines.