Mens Facial Hair Styles

Wearing a beard was often associated with social status, a sign of maturity and wisdom. Beards and mustaches are now ‘accessories’ that you like to wear, and are detached from any symbolic meaning. As for the choice of form and style regarding mens facial hair, it is true that some are more popular than others, but boldness is required. This is a very personal matter. Some men prefer the neat appearance of a perfectly shaved face, but we note that the current trend is a short beard or even a mustache. Since many men seem to be fond of facial hair, that means that it is suitable for everyone. Just arrange its form depending on the shape of your face.

Beards for a square face

The square face goes well with full and short beards. They help to smooth the face lines and give it a finer look. Avoid long beards which will elongate your face.

Beards for an oval face

For the oval face, you can choose a simple trimmer equipped with few levels. Choose the length you like and then trim as needed. Similar to the previous example, the oval face often includes very pronounced angles. The difference lies in the greater length of the facial hair. To limit this effect, try to keep the stubble very short. Use delineate sections within the face to counter the elongated look.

Beards for a narrow face

If you have a relatively narrow face and a pointed chin, then this advice is for you. To complement this type of face, you just need to grow a beard to an average length and maintain it as well. Easy to maintain, a well-stocked beard will balance the lower face while keeping you away from the boy look.

Beards for a round face

As for those with a rather round face, your facial hair style should allow you to extend its basic form. First, it is important to keep your sideburns short to avoid adding thickness to the sides of your head.

How to maintain a neat beard

When it comes to the most popular mens facial hair styles, another style is the 3-day beard look which is the easiest to maintain. The regular usage of a beard trimmer is to keep a reasonable length of hair. Note that some hair clippers now have parts suitable for the beard. Wash your face with mild soap in the shower in order to protect your face and prevent harsh wrinkles. If you want to have a well-defined beard, use a very fine comb and a mechanical or electric shaver for the hair on the neck, and follow the shape of the chin. The operation is more difficult since it aims to trim the beard and to maintain its length. For the finishing touches on the cheeks and neck use a razor. Or, if you want to use a single grooming tool, invest in an electric shaver with a good beard trimmer. If you don’t know which product to choose, you can learn a lot from the reviews on the website.

How to maintain a mustache

Concerning mens facial hair styles, the mustache requires much more attention than the beard. This facial hair style is mostly preferred by older men. It requires some dedication and younger men usually don’t have the time to tend to a mustache.If your father wears a mustache, a mustache care kit or a shaver would be considered great fathers day gifts. Accompany the gift with some instructions in order to give it a personal touch: The bristles are generally quite short and we must cut them more regularly. The necessary tools are the scissors and combs that we mentioned earlier. The brushes will help smooth the hair. But there are mustache razors specially designed to cut hair to a length of 6-15 mm. Don’t forget to regularly trim the hair just above the mouth to prevent it from coming to invade your smile. As for the length, use a size slightly larger than your mouth. Whether you are considering some mustache tools as great fathers day gifts or you want to grow your own mustache, remember that this style requires a lot of dedication so it is important to wear the mustache with pride.