Ombre Hair Color Ideas

Although it has gained popularity for more than 2 years, everything seems to indicate that ombre style came into fashion to stay. Each year, there are more and more ombre hair color ideas, so this style is likely to become immortal.

The Natural style

This ombre style emphasizes a natural degradee. It begins with a darker shade at the roots and lighter shades for the rest of the hair. This creates a natural transition and your hair looks like when you forgot to recolor your hair. It is a very accessible style especially if you want to make a drastic change in color. This ombre hairstyle is very easy to maintain and of course this is why you should not do too much retouching.

More intense colors

Ombre style in two colors is a little daring for it involves the use of two contrast colors. Using two bold contrast colors will create an interesting style. The darker color is used in upper sections and the lighter on in lower sections. A contrast, such as blonde with dark brown will create an interesting aspect.

Natural roots, bold tips

For those of us more daring and nonconformist, keep your natural roots. As for the tips, color you hair a bold shade of blue or pink. It will definitely make you stand out and give you a more playful look. If you’re not sure what color suits you, try clip-in extensions. Just ask your stylist where you can purchase them.

Ombre for short hair

Ombre hair on short hair can look as impressive as on longer hair. Merdium-length bobs are ideal for this style, but it can also look good on a pixie cut. An ombre that will frame your face enhances your best features. For example a soft ombre with a honey tone looks fabulous with light brown.

Sombre hair

It is more subtle and softer than ombre hair. That’s why its name derived from the original version. Discoloration is not quite as powerful as it is with the ombre hair. The strands of hair are highlighted up to the roots and therefore the result is more natural because the two colors harmonize better with each other. Sombre hair is just a haute couture ombre version.

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