Spring 2015 Haircuts

In 2015, it is time to be more daring with our hairstyles. Let yourself be seduced by the unique colors, original designs and gorgeous hairstyles. Whatever the occasion, the hairstyle reflects your personality and your mood. Indeed, when a woman feels beautiful and good about herself, she is ready to overcome all obstacles in front of her!If you need more inspiration for your new haircut, take a look at the 2015 spring haircuts recommended by the top hairstylists.

Short Haircuts

Sunny days are fast approaching. So why not opt for a radical change of hair choosing the short cut for the 2015 spring-summer season? This is a good chance for women with long hair to decide to cut their hair in order to refresh and energize it. And it is good because the short haircuts are bold and startling while remaining feminine. Short hair is ideal for those who have little time to spend on their hair. When your in a hurry, all you have to do is brush the hair and it will look great. In terms of style you can choose between a short fringe, a long fringe or a side swept fringe.

Choose a haircut which matches your face shape

  • For a square face, favor the tapered short hairstyles that will make your face look young and feminine.
  • If you have a long face, you can choose a bowl cut or a bob with volume on top of the head to soften the lines.
  • If you have a broad forehead, consider the short-cut bangs and, if you have a low forehead, feel free to use wax or gel from front to back to give it a wet look effect.
  • Finally, if you have an oval face, you can choose a short haircut with bangs
    These spring 2015 haircuts for short hair are easy to style. A hairdryer, a flat brush, your fingers, some foam or gel, and you’re ready for busy mornings.

Long Haircuts

Those who want to keep their long hair are are not excluded from the latest trends as hairdressers can also express their creativity with long hair. You can add little touches of originality, that will add uniqueness to your long hair, like a wavy effect, ultra-plated or smooth. These effects can be obtained with a good flat iron. Nevertheless, be careful when buying a flat iron as it is important to choose one suitable for your hair type. Once you have the proper tools, you can let your creativity go wild. For this year opt for modern hairstyles, that are simple and elegant. Indeed, this will be the year we will see deconstructed buns or a variety of braids.

Braids, for their part, are of different kinds. For a disheveled look, they will be accessorized with ribbons that are entwined in the hair. For many women, the low ponytail is a very popular option. Probably due to its convenience, it is still among the favorite looks for women with long or medium length hair. As for the buns, they are found in very large formats: smooth, unstructured or messy. However, having a great hairstyle is not all: we must also maintain the hair and give it the proper care to ensure a healthy appearance. It is therefore important to choose quality products designed especially for the nature of your hair.

Medium Length Haircuts

Medium length haircuts are very practical for the modern woman, regardless of her age, and without taking away her femininity. In addition, the hair can be handled easily. Here are some Spring 2015 Haircuts ideas for medium length hair.

  • The square hairstyle: With or without fringe, straight or wavy, the square hairstyle remains a timeless choice. Adopted by several stars, this haircut has gain its popularity. The hair beautifully frames the face in a more or less defined shape, rendering it gracefully and sexy at the same time. In addition, the volume around the face helps enhance the charm of a woman.
  • Layered hair: Ideal to give volume to flat hair, layered cuts are available in various ways to suit the morphology of the face and the hair type. Oval faces are very suitable for layered cuts, and round faces will be lengthened by this type of cut.
  • With or without bangs? Short, long, thick, swept to the side, there is a fringe for all heads. Women with a square face will be enhanced by long bangs, which will reduce the angles of their face and soften them. For a round facethe short bangs swept to the side will give it a bit of length and refine it. Long faces, will be balanced by the volume added of a thick fringe. Finally, the oval face can wear any type of fringe.