The Latest Trends In Spring Nail Designs

Outside it is gray and cloudy, so nail polishes are an opportunity to put some color in our lives. Like the hair, hands can also be a business card for someone. Clean, hydrated, with a flawless manicure, hands are proof that you care about yourself and want to create a first good impression. This year has come up with new trends in terms of spring nail designs and nail care.


In the new season of spring-summer 2015 the trend is bright colors and pastel shades, neon and metallic. Also in vogue are natural, transparent, and classic black nail polishes. You also have the possibility, in the spring and summer, to play with a wide range of colors and nail art designs. Some of the designs are very simple and can easily be done at home. You can find a lot of great such nail design ideas on There are also various options for manicure in one color. For example, white is ideal for the beauty of the nail form and shape. It fits perfectly with a traditional office attire and an evening dress. Indeed, the white nail polish will act as “background” and so, the colored nail polish is highlighted, making it stand out. Admittedly, the process takes a little longer than a traditional manicure since we apply a base, one or two layers of white polish, one or two layers of colored polish and finally a top coat …. But it’s still better than having to apply several coats of varnish to get a color that does not exactly match our expectations!

The most popular nail polish shades

When it comes to this spring nail designs, play with colors and make sure you do not get stuck in a routine limiting yourself to a single scale of shades. Neons, pastels and neutrals are perfect for your royal appearance with a precise manicure. Neon colors are very modern for the coming season, as well as prints, floral motifs, rhinestones and again everything you could imagine. The French manicure remains timeless but we play with colors and patterns.

  • Emerald green, turquoise blue or yellow pastel colors reign our nails. Composed of soft and romantic colors, pastel colors have become a must regardless of the season.
  • Fuchsia pink and coral are still part of the biggest trends for spring nail designs.
  • From pale pink to chestnut brown, nude polish nicely enhance the look of your manicure. Nude polishes are somehow like BB creams for nails: thanks to them, they are sublime, beautiful and flawless. In practice, we choose a shade that is closest to the skin tone. For fair skin opt for a more light nude, while for darker skins choose a darker tone of nude.

If beige tones and other neutral colors are timeless, this spring, the trend is a return to basics. Nail polishes are nude, ivory and transparent. The slogan? Less is more! This season, it is important to find what suits us best.