The Smoking Effects During Pregnancy

You don’t have to be a doctor to know that smoking has bad health effects and also endangers the health of those around you too. You may not feel them from the moment you start smoking, but over the time, this bad habit leads to serious physical damages. In case you already have children, as a parent you need to give positive examples to them and teach them how to create a healthy lifestyle and be more aware of harmful effects of poisonous food, drink and nasty habits like smoking.
Talking about children, it has been demonstrated that all of a mother’s bad customs of eating or drinking seriously affect the fetus’ development during pregnancy. A kid doesn’t have the obligation to suffer the consequences of the mother’s bad choices.
As a matter of fact, let’s discuss a little bit about the real effects of smoking during a pregnancy.

Cigarettes contain poisonous elements

Cigarettes contain over 3000 of chemicals and over 50 of them contain deadly elements. All of them are getting into your blood, which is the source of oxygen and nutrients for the baby. Minimizing a fetus’ ratio of oxygen during pregnancy leads to developing problems and can double the chances of early birthing. Maybe you are thinking that few cigarettes per day will not harm the baby as it would do an entire package. It is wrong, the difference barely exists. Every cigarette you smoke brings a dozen of harmful effects over the baby’s growth.

Smoking can lead to serious complications

Generally, a smoker’s body has greater reactions to the first nicotine dose of each day, so your blood vessels will continue tightening even if you smoke just a few cigarettes per day. The worse things that you could experience could be premature delivery, a seriously low birth weight, ectopic pregnancy, and even stillbirth. Because nicotine absorbs the oxygen from all of your blood vessels by narrowing them, including those from your umbilical cord.

How does the baby suffer from this matter?

Body and lungs

If babies can’t properly develop means they will have underdeveloped bodies and organs. The chances that they would need a respirator in order to breathe after they are born, are significantly raised because their lungs are not ready to function as they should. And even after their first days of life, the possibility of developing respiratory issues are high, because nicotine deprived them of being sufficiently oxygenated.

Underweight pregnancy

We are not talking only about the actual size of the babies when they are born, it is about the disabilities that they might suffer or even the possibility of death because of poor development. This might lead to developmental delay, vision or hearing problems or even cerebral palsy. Quitting smoking before pregnancy is a good decision because it lowers the chances of risking to deliver a baby with extremely low weight.

Passive smoking

Well, this is another aspect, but this problem can be solved in no time. Passive smoking has almost the same harmful effects on a woman that is willing to become a mother. If there are other smokers in your house, you should talk to them and try to explain to them that it is important for you to breath fresh air, especially if you are hardly trying to quit smoking. It is impossible to eliminate suddenly cigarettes smell from the house. Maybe using an air purifier will get you out of trouble faster, it might come in handy in case you want to hurry things up and improve your air quality and eliminate the nasty odor that has been absorbed inside the walls and furniture over the time. Maintaining a smoke-free environment is very important, especially during pregnancy, but is also important for the rest of your non-smoking family members, your guests and even for pets.

What can you do to prevent unfortunate situations

Well, you have probably heard this before, but it is a true and mandatory condition. You have to quit smoking if you are expecting a child or if you are planning to have. Did we mention that smoking also lowers fertility? But you probably know this already. If it is really hard to give up smoking, you should try other ways that might help you slowly decrease the number of cigarettes per day until it is over with them. Try to create a physical exercises routine, or maybe nicotine replacing therapies, like inhalers, gums or patches. Try to think and be more aware of what damages can smoking create in your body and try making the right choices for you and for your upcoming baby.

Possible health risks

  • heart diseases;
  • stroke;
  • brain damages;
  • stomach diseases;
  • asthma;
  • premature birth;
  • diabetes;
  • blindness;
  • lung, colon or pancreatic cancer