Timeless Fashion Trends

Nowadays, the confidence of many women is in directly proportional to their appearance. The more a woman looks neat and stylish- the better chances she has to be admired and liked, or at least this is what the modern society wants us to think. Sure, you like to know a person by the way they dress, but when you see someone for the first time, the first impression is one of image and style. And indeed, the style matters very much. Take a look at six timeless fashion trends:

The classic style

The elegant classic style is mostly associated with those who have a successful career. The clothing for this style is elegant and refined. It has simple and clean lines. The women associated with this style can have a dull, unimaginative, bureaucratic image although they are perceived in society as successful people.
This style is best represented by celebrities like Coco Chanel or Grace Kelly.

The romantic style

Sexy, charming and seductive are just some of the characteristics that describe the woman attached to the sensual romantic style. A romantic woman loves flowers, lace and ruffles. If you think you fit in this style, delicate feminine clothing suits you best. This style is best represented by celebrities such as Sophia Loren, Elizabeth Taylor and Catherine Zeta-Jones.

The dramatic style

When it comes to timeless fashion trends, women who adopt the dramatic style are daring and intriguing. A woman with native leadership skills, who loves the latest trends in fashion, can be perceived as dramatic. The adepts of the dramatic style are authoritarian, they like risks and are very direct. They are the image of mystery and leadership. They prefer long dresses with straight lines and slightly masculine square necklines. This style is personified by Charlize Theron, Marlene Dietrich and Nicole Kidman.

The bohemian style

This style was first coined in the 70s by the hippie current. However, in time, it has suffered some modifications. Despite the fact that the foundation of this style remain flowing dresses with flower prints, this style can also integrate a wide variety of distinct elements like cowboy elements, native American accessories, tribal jewelry and much more. The brand that best represents this style is Veronica M who features a wide variety of long or maxi dresses as well as rompers and jumpsuits, all featuring floral or tribal prints. In terms of celebrities, this style is best represented by Selena Gomez.

The ingenue style

This style is similar to the romantic style and it describes delicate women, drawn from the 20s movies. An ingenue woman is the candid expression of innocence, femininity and youth. She is a sexy and sensual woman, but rather naive, childish and feminine. When she enters a room, she brings an air of freshness. She likes ruffles, lace, feminine dresses, old styles (20s, Victorian, vintage, retro) and generally simple clothes in feminine fabrics. Natalie Portman, Cate Blanchett, Anne Hathaway are some of the women who embody this style.

The Gamine style

When talking about timeless fashion trends, the gamine or the boyish style is not only trendy but also very comfortable. Woman who adopt the Gamine style are young, full of energy and vitality. French woman with nautical shirts, scarves thrown around their neck are an accurate description of this style. The clothes are chic, youthful and have straight lines with many contrasting stitches or applications. They prefer colored fabrics, and bold modern dresses in many colors. They are full of energy, ambition and vitality, they are dynamic and have a childish personality. The gamine style is represented by Audrey Hepburn and Winona Ryder.