Unique Vintage Wedding Dresses

If you are a romantic, refined and nostalgic woman then a vintage wedding dress suits you best. The sources of inspiration are everywhere, so turn your wedding into a truly memorable event. All you need is some enthusiasm and courage to do so. And because we want to come to your help, we will provide some ideas for choosing your dream dress among these unique vintage wedding dresses.

When it comes to unique vintage wedding dresses, you can opt for a theme to go with your dress. However, with films such as The Great Gatsby the future brides spark interest for this trend. The style goes from classic vintage pearls and ivory colors to glamorous diamond hair accessories. Another popular trend is the rustic bohemian look with loose curls and a pearl headband to complete the look.

The wedding season of 2015 will be characterized by a combination of lace, vintage contrasts and the glamor of the 20s in combination with beads and diamonds. These styles are popular for brides who want to have a sentimental and romantic look on their wedding day by adding a modern twist.

Regarding unique vintage wedding dresses, white or ivory dresses in combination with gold accessories will be chosen by many brides. Moreover, you can opt to wear a strapless wedding dress during the day. But during the religious ceremony wear a lace shawl to cover your shoulders and arms.

Short dresses are especially popular for bridesmaids. Opt for shades like white, nude, ivory or a pale pink to stick to a classic theme. Truly, the old glam of Hollywood will continue in 2015. The suave and sophisticated style will also be the theme of this year. Likewise, embroidery vintage dresses define the beauty and elegance of the 30s. For example, embroidered sleeves add a touch of sensuality and femininity. Choose a long and elegant veil with embroidered edges, which is worthy of a royal wedding. Accessorize the dress with vintage jewelry.

If you want to have a unique wedding dress then choose a model that combines the original vintage and modern style. Thus you will have a vintage wedding dress with modernist influences. A good choice in this regard could be a lace dress. This material is present in both vintage creations as well as in modern ones.

Not only do unique vintage wedding dresses offer a lovely feeling to many brides, but they are also affordable. It is wonderful to know that you are wearing a dress that no other bride has, a unique dress at an affordable price.